Safe Harbor and Independent Valuations
Capshare has taken a high quality, low margin approach vs eShare's low quality, high margin model. 

So rather than performing 409A valuations in-house to keep more revenue, Capshare works with world-class valuation firms who are independent and qualify you for safe harbor.

Safe harbor protects you and your company from the IRS, and safe harbor is only given to valuation firms that meet the IRS' guidelines:
The guidelines require that "valuators will employ independent and objective judgment in reaching conclusions and will decide all matters on their merits, free from bias, advocacy, and conflicts of interest."
If a cap table management company receives an ongoing revenue stream for non-valuation services, it has big conflicts of interest.

This is why we do not perform our own 409A valuations at Capshare, even though we previously founded one of the country's most successful valuation firms.
Get a Signed 409A Valuation for as Little as $99/mo
Guaranteed 10-Day Turnaround Time. Get a Certified 409A-as-a-service that is Automatically Updated as Needed
Receive a 409A valuation that is signed and certified by a world class third party valuation firm.
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        What Our Customers Are Saying:
        Ron Pereira
        Founder and President, Top Right
        "I loved the level and ease of communication. They worked with what I have and didn't make my life more difficult. I wish every 3rd party I worked with was as process oriented and efficient. I'd be a lot more productive!"
        Anoop Jayadevan
        Co-Founder and CTO, Fidelis Education
        "The people at 409A are very professional and responsive. I really enjoyed working with them."
        John Jersin
        Co-Founder and CEO, Connectifier
        "It was simple and inexpensive...They deliver the same results for half the price, and less effort than most of their competitors."
        Higher Quality 409A, at a Better Price, in just 10 Days.
        Why get a signed 409A through Capshare?
        Our cap table software makes future 409A's a simple request away and you still get the benefits of safe harbor by working with an independent, world class valuation firm.

        Higher Quality 409A at a Better Price, in just 10 Days.
        Easy On the Wallet
        Getting a defensible valuation from a proven firm doesn't have to cost a lot.
        Mistakes Are Costly
         Valuation mistakes can be costly in terms of both time and money. Receive a 409A that is certified and signed by a world class 3rd party valuation firm.

        Automatic Updates
        We'll monitor your cap table and each time you need a new 409A your cap table data will be automatically used for new reports.
        Proven Track Record
        We and our partners have performed valuations for companies like Pinterest. 
        Do I need a 409A valuation right now?
        • Are you issuing stock options to your employees?
        •  Are you issuing stock options to any consultants?
        •  Are you issuing warrants for common stock?
        •  Are you issuing restricted stock?
        •  Was your last 409A over 12 months ago?
        •  Have you had a material change (a new financing round) since your last 409A?
        If you can answer YES to any of the above questions, then you probably need a 409A valuation.

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